Leana Shenise to Play Lead Role of ‘Trisha Montgomery’ in Upcoming Chicago Play

In the upcoming months, I will be working avidly with Chicago writer / director Felicia T Simpson on her upcoming play (based on the book, ‘God, Do I Hear Wedding Bells?’ published in 2007 and available by email orders only) depicting the stages of a relationship that suffers through domestic violence. My character will show the audience the victim’s spiritual, emotional, and mental struggle when in a violent or uncomfortable spousal situation.

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Actress Bio from Felicia’s perspective: Leana Shenise – “a talented and energetic young woman who’s specialties are performing arts, culinary art, and capturing beauty in photography and verbiage.

She is comfortable on stage and has been performing since the age of 3…from dancing for artists on national tours and in music videos, to modeling for designers in Chicago, LA, & New York’s fashion weeks, to starring roles in musicals (School Daze) and web series (The City Hates Us).  Leana describes herself as a pixie, leaving a little glitter behind wherever she goes ✨

Leana Shenise

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