Lamar Odom Found Unconscious in Dennis Hof’s Brothel

As much as we all wished for the best for Lamar Odom, the former forward for the New York Knicks (but best known for being awesome on the LA Lakers) and ex-husband of my favorite Kardashian (Khloe), through his time of loss and life obstacles, as well as struggles with drug usage, it seems as if that those wishes didn’t quite reach the universe as we had all hoped.

This morning, early, Lamar was rushed to a hospital in Las Vegas and is currently in critical condition with breathing assistance. Sources say he was found unresponsive after a weekend full of the “turn-up” in a Nevada brothel (of all places) owned by HBO Series Cathouse’s Dennis Hof. It was said that, thankfully, Odom didn’t have any illegal drugs in his room, only “herbal Viagra”. UPDATE: in his system they found traces of crack cocaine which he was apparently partaking in all weekend. He appears to have had an ischemic stroke, often associated with drug overdosing and is shown by a blood clot preventing blood to flow to the brain.

Lamar is currently in a coma and in critical condition. The entire Kardashian family has flown to the hospital and Khloe Kardashian has been by his side since she found out. She and Lamar had divorced back in July of 2015 due to the constant marital issues they were encountering paired with his drug use.

Prayers from multiple NBA players sent their prayers and well wishes for Lamar via twitter, and it was said that Kobe Bryant actually left a preseason game in order to be by his long time friend’s side. Prayers and well wishes from Odom’s followers and fans also came flooding through.

On behalf of Celebrity Slice, I send my thoughts to Odom and his family with hopes that he finds the strength to pull through and finally get the assistance that is so evidently needed.

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