Let’s Talk About Halle

Well, another one bites the dust for Oscar winning beauty, Halle Berry. Just a little over two years of being married to star of the 2002 movie “Unfaithful”,  Oliver Martinez, who also is the father to Berry’s son, Macio Robert, the couple have officially filed for divorce due to irreconcilable differences.

Martinez evidently had a violent temper which was probably the lead to Halle throwing in the towel on their nuptials. Even though sources say he was never abusive towards Halle, or to the children, there are many instances where Martinez has become aggressive and abusive towards others in the public eye. Oliver has been noted as violent before for his altercations, which included a tussle with Gabriel Aubry, Halle’s ex and father to her daughter, Nahla, back in 2012. He is also currently in the middle of a $5 million lawsuit for allegedly shoving a car seat at an LA International Airport employee. Seems like he could use some Reiki Technique in his life to find his chill!

Given that Martinez had this temper, can we really blame Halle for giving up on this relationship? After your 20s the tolerance level for BS reduces quite a bit and Berry is pushing half a century (home-girl still looks amazing, too!). The social media world was roaring when the news of her third divorce was released. Some people were very supportive of the news:


…while others made quite harsh memes and opinion driven comments depicting that there may just be something wrong with Halle as a woman since she seems to bounce from man to man.


If you remember, Halle was married to baseball player David Justice in 1993. This marriage led to a divorce in 1996 since David allegedly abused Halle. Berry mentioned in interviews that during this marriage she was so depressed that she considered taking her own life. Probable cause to leave a domestic partner if they are abusing you, right?!

Another small fact to note is that previously Halle was dating “someone well known in Hollywood” (I’m going to go ahead and say that I believe it was Wesley Snipes since the dates of their relationship line up) who was physically abusive to her…so much so that once he hit her so hard that she lost 80% of hearing in one of her ears. So how can we blame her for feeling unsafe with her current husband when he is depicting the same characteristics as the men of her past who physically, spiritually, emotionally, and spiritually damaged her? Rhetorical question.

Not to take Halle’s side and say that this divorce was all on Martinez…we can add that she was also married to gorgeous R&B singer, Eric Benet from 2001 to 2005 (he was a sex addict…not sex with his wife, but sex with a plethora of other women…probable cause for a divorce exhibit B)…but the details of many things are not being taken into consideration when the ‘opinions’ of the masses are posted.

While it is a definite possibility that she has fallen into the social media stereotype, “beautiful women are crazy”, and may have issues (as we all have our level of crazy regardless of if we are visually appealing or visually challenging), and that is why she keeps attracting crazy acting men into her space…for just a sec, let’s take this into consideration…maybe Halle just hasn’t learned characteristics and behaviors to avoid when choosing a potential mate until it is too late.

Sources say that Halle now runs at any sign of aggression. However, if there are signs of aggression two years in, there probably were signs early on that were ignored due to lust and desire. No shade, just reality.


Halle, we at Celebrity Slice hope nothing but the best for you and your future. We know this is a hard time for you and hope that you find unconditional and lasting love and happiness in your near future…with or without a mate.

xo, Leana Shenise.

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