She Keeps the Picture

She keeps the picture of a face.

In that picture, she sees see a woman fighting to rebuild trust…a woman who’s resilience needed fuel. In that picture, she sees a woman who gave a chance to a man she knew didn’t deserve her. In that picture, she sees a reminder that her gift of intuition & it’s strength is meant to keep her safe and ultimately sane.

The picture reminds her that a promise to “never do it again” is not always real. The picture reminds her that no matter how popular, charismatic, or socially liked he is, the dark side can still thrive & it’s his choice to either feed his demons or starve them. The picture reminds her that authentic love is effortless and does not purposely hurt.

A picture of a face…her battered face, which once graced magazine covers and television screens. A picture of a face…her battered face, which was often been told it was a thing of beauty and light. A picture of a face…her battered face, which at that moment was made to look similar to a domestic abuse poster. The picture of a face…her battered face, and how it looked after her neighbor called the police a third time from hearing the screams along with loud bangs of a small body being thrown to the floor.

The picture of her face…taken by her ex-military neighbor who was prepared to end his life to rescue her from harm.

A picture taken immediately after the man she trusted and loved so transparently proved he was just as he swore he would never be…hurtful, a liar, and selfish. A picture …taken when he pushed, choked, dragged, & hit her with a few fistfuls filled of anger after she had just asked him to leave…She had said She was done with the relationship and this time, he knew she meant it.

A picture of a small framed woman that was taken after she thought her life was about to end, so finally she began defending herself thinking, “I can’t go, yet…not like this. I still have a life to live!”

A picture taken after he, with five daughters by four women…

After he, who stood at 6 foot 3 inches and 180 lbs with one of the most beautiful faces she had ever seen…

After he, who played & portrayed the role of great father, man, son, & local DJ…

After he, who had shoved her across the room before and ruined her left ankle (her love, ballet, is more difficult now)…

A picture taken after he swung at her face with all his might…

A picture taken after she flew into the wall hitting her head so hard her vision temporarily went away…

A picture taken after he took his anger of being rejected by a worthy woman who gave him chance after chance out on her delicate and beautiful face. A picture of that face … battered … with stitches and broken bones… She keeps that picture.

That picture will always serve as a reminder to her to trust her first instinct…of how bad life could really be. She will always have this reminder that once it was much worse…once she was in a situation where she could have been killed because of a man’s lack of anger control…once she deeply loved when it was not deserved or earned…once she gave her whole to the representative of a soul…once she pushed her standards and worth down ending up almost at her lowest point …but indeed, she survived…healed inside and out…grew…and so…

She keeps that picture.


Not everyone survives spousal abuse. Most don’t tell the authorities due to fear, or, like myself, just wanting to forget it ever happened. If you or anyone you know is suffering through this tragedy of domestic abuse, please find help by calling the police or 800-779-7233. It could be their life!

xo, Leana Shenise.

Thank you so much for taking the time out of your day and reading my piece. You are so appreciated and I wish you all the blessings. Please share the blessings with others. Don’t forget to socialize with me on all social media @LeanaShenise and add / share my blog!


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