It was just a random day in spring. The sun was shining and the weather had finally broken enough to put away winter wear. A forbidden, yet mutual, attraction was evident, yet hidden from all… Even each other… Or so we thought.

We were chilling like normal & talked for hours about everything. I cooked, we ate…we talked and laughed some more. We discovered we share a few life passions and goals. For some time, we listened to music…everything from reggae to rap. He introduced me to some new artists, and I did the same.

Ching energy and the desire to be in each other’s space brought us closer to each other as time passed. I was sitting in lotus pose and he was leaned back with his feet up…both of us very comfortable sharing time and space with each other. We kept catching eyes, blushing when it happened. Kept talking to each other – we were trying to avoid the fact that we were experiencing an equal mixture of apprehension and calm at the same time. He leaned in 80%, so close it was giving me chills.

Nervously, I brought notice to the fact that I was heavily and uncontrollably blushing w massive amount of goosebumps…we laughed…

“I can hear your heartbeat,” he said leaning a little closer to me.

“I can hear yours too,” I sighed and closed my eyes. I could smell him and feel his energy beginning to surround me. We both knew that this step could turn out to be one of tragedy, or one of greatness.

Parts pulsed as he leaned in more and his warm hands touched my skin. I opened my eyes and looked to my left and he was there…closer than ever…studying the curves of my face with an expression so tranquil as if just looking at me took him to an island of solace.

I saw him bite his lip…I wished it were mine instead and instantly, with that thought, I felt myself taste my own lips. We looked into each other’s eyes…he grabbed my cheeks and gently kissed my lips. He felt so soft…so warm…somehow, so right… I felt both of us let go of any uneasiness. His tongue gently caressed mine as he pulled me in closer.  Our heartbeats now were synchronized and moving faster. He lifted me and carried me to the counter.

Feelings of anxiety now turned into the feeling of flight…the free falling moment as if you were jumping out of a plane…when your eyes are closed and you can hear the air moving past you as you soar, you can feel the fluffy clouds touching your face as you pass them by, you can smell rain’s sensuality surround you although no rain clouds are in sight…at this moment, you are connected to, and fully experiencing, all of your senses in their complete form with another being.

That first kiss…that first time…that first thrill.

xo, LeanaShenise.

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