Let’s Chat About Apple Cider Vinegar

We often hear about these natural remedies that can assist with ailments that we may encounter or help our immune system to stay strong. For the longest, people have been telling me to look into Apple Cider Vinegar to help with my sinus issues and keeping my asthma in check. Due to the fact that I’m not a fan of taking a shot of vinegar (because, nasty), I procrastinated until my doctor mentioned it to me during a routine check up. Apparently, ACV has even more benefits than we all thought!

Double fermented apple liquid… wait, that sounds so not intriguing… let’s stick to calling it Apple Cider Vinegar. ACV contains very strong properties that create antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and antifungal agents. It can also act as an antivirus because of the enzymes and vitamins that ACV is rich in. By diluting ACV, we can improve our skin, health, and lose weight, among other things.

Only diluted, raw, and unfiltered Apple Cider Vinegar contains original enzymes that will help as a beauty product. ACV treats razor bumps and prevents pimples from randomly popping up, but ensure to use moisturizer after using since it can really dry out the skin. It increases blood flow to the skin and minimizes pores when used as a toner, also. And for those of you who may sunburn easily, it will soothe the irritation and help the skin to heal faster.

Screen Shot 2017-05-18 at 11.23.20 AMMixing Apple Cider Vinegar with water and organic honey, then ingesting a small amount of it can also help you with your health. You can use ACV if your stomach is upset, if you have a sore throat, if you suffer from indigestion, or have low energy (since apples are a great way to naturally increase your energy… I call them Nature’s Caffeine). The properties in ACV also help to control blood sugar. Most germs cannot survive against the acidic environment that the ACV creates. This same acidic environment lowered the “bad cholesterol” when it was studied in 2006. ACV contains potassium… Potassium thins mucus. It’s a win!

Drinking diluted Apple Cider Vinegar before meals could help with weight loss as well. Apples are a very good source of a fiber substance found in plants, called pectin. When you involve pectin in your diet, it has the ability to make you feel like you are full. This, of course, will allow you to eat what smaller portions or an actual single serving while still absorbing all of the necessary nutrients from your meal.

The acids in ACV also help with the digestion of protein. Apple Cider Vinegar moderates the amount of time that fatty parts of food delay in the digestion zone, and advances the body’s consumption of iron. It helps to release the iron in the food that you eat, as well.

Of course, before you consume anything, I highly suggest that you first speak with a physician or a nutritionist. I’m totally not a nutritionist. I just literally just read a lot and like to share information that people can benefit from. In addition, in order lose weight in a healthy way, you must also associate any dieting methods with the kind of exercise that is correct for your body and lifestyle.

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xo, LeanaShenise.

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My sources: Natural Living Ideas, along with Reader’s Digest, and Healthy and Natural World.


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