The Beast in the Beauty

She stared at the message with tears filling her eyes and a heart overwhelmed in rage. In English, it read, "I lied. I've had a girlfriend this entire time. We are moving in together in a few months because she's pregnant. I've always said if I have a child again that would be it for me. …

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It was just a random day in spring. The sun was shining and the weather had finally broken enough to put away winter wear. A forbidden, yet mutual, attraction was evident, yet hidden from all... Even each other... Or so we thought. We were chilling like normal & talked for hours about everything. I cooked, …

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New Year’s Kiss

I saw Jose last night looking delicious. He was rocking his New Year swag in silver. He talked to me on and off trying not to sneak up on me or have me get tired of him. At midnight we totally made out…had me against the wall…Best tasting kiss I’ve had. He wanted more but …

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